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Come enjoy a variety of cuisines in the heart of HOUSTON at one of the city's most famous restaurants.

This tour will begin at Market Square Historic Park - "beyond Niko Niko" where you will learn about Houston's rich history, beautiful architecture and diverse cultures.

Tour price - $150



The tour consists of 3 stops where you will taste 6-7 extraordinarily delicious dishes, including authentic Mexico City cuisine, traditional Asian novelties, Houston's unique take on Italian-American and dessert. These meals are pre-ordered and will be delivered fresh for your entire group.

Noodles & Spaguetti

Spaghetti is an independent dish. Usually they are served with various sauces that emphasize the taste of the dish and give it an extraordinary aroma. Chefs prepare such a sauce based on tomatoes with the addition of various spices. It must be served warm and separately from the main dish.

Big Hamburger

What is a truly delicious burger? It's a juicy marbled beef patty, it's a freshly baked bun, it's fresh farm vegetables, melting cheese and signature sauce. At the same time, a real hamburger patty has a size that significantly exceeds the size of a regular fast food patty.

Chicken Leg

Grilled chicken legs - their meat is tender and juicy and does not need long processing. Juicy chicken drumstick is sure to be on your list of favorites on the Texas food tour.

Vegetarian Food

We have prepared for you an overview of "green" dishes, and it is not at all necessary to be a staunch vegetarian to enjoy dishes made from fresh vegetables and other humane ingredients! Putting together your own burger with your choice of bun, toppings and veggie patty - isn't it foodie heaven?

Fried Chicken

The atmosphere of Texas establishments is very friendly, and you will certainly appreciate the pleasant value for money. Fried chicken, it is said individually, and if you want to add a special piquancy to the dish, then in addition to various sauces, the chicken can be fried in "Beer" sauce or a mixture of five peppers. But not only grilled dishes are remarkable here, but also four varieties of home-made beer.

Beef Steak & Rib

Some bars in Houston specialize in ribs. Here you can try them on the grill in different variations, for example, with pistachios, jalapenos and zest, in the classic version with potatoes and rosemary. You should definitely try.



We hope to eat with you soon!

Information about the food tour:

If you have any food allergies or concerns, please notify us in advance. Dietary restrictions may apply. Drinks and any additional food other than the tasting are optional and not included in the tour price.


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